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" In all you do... Make Them Remember You! "


The Power of Passion


De'Marco's Keynote address reminds students that they all have the ability to motivate and inspire those around them, even if they feel like they don't have a special story, haven't overcome impossible odds, or not really sure what they're talented in. Their power is in their passion. PASS-I-ON!

Youth Traffic Safety


De'Marco addresses the #1 killer of teens in America, (car crashes) in a way that is not only entertaining for teens but educational as well.


" I never really looked at it that way, this is really serious, De'Marco really opened my eyes." - Kelsey Matthews (Senior, Terry High School, Terry MS)



De’Marco’s definition of LEADERSHIP is simply: “The ability to influence.” This message is a hands-on and practical demonstration of just how EASY it can be to influence those around you.


De’Marco steps out of the way, encourages group participation, and challenges youth to step up and step out to prove not only to everyone else, but most importantly to themselves that



“ I've learned, that people will forget what you say, people will forget what you do, but people will never forget how you made them feel "

-Maya Angelou

The phenomenal Maya Angelou said that people will never forget how you made them feel. It is my personal goal to make every individual, every group, every school,  and every audience feel like they are my only audience.

It is also my goal to share this philosophy with every student I meet. "There's nothing more dangerous than a passionate teenager, and when they get passionate about the "RIGHT" things... They'll change the world." - De'Marco Fomby

In all you do... Make Them Remember You! #MTRU


Your talk inspired me to break out of my shell and do something I never thought I would do! You are truly an inspiration to me! Thank you for helping me find my voice!”

-Julia Coloson,

SADD Student Leadership Council